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Visit to Walmart

Dianne Sothoron, August 13, 2020

It had been awhile, but I kept asking the Lord to give me an opportunity to talk with or pray for someone when I went out to Walmart. Walmart seems like the best place for me to connect with people. My social life has definitely been limited over the past couple years and like all of us over the past 6 months with the COVID social distancing issues.

As it happened, I had prayed before going to Walmart because I always seem to get so distracted once I get in the store, I really need the Holy Spirit to prompt me strongly. There had been no prompting and I quickly went about my business. As I was exiting however another woman also using a scooter to get around pulled up next to me and asked if my scooter had full power and it did. I said to her, "let's pull over to the side here and exchanged scooters." I noticed as she got off her scooter how much difficulty she had in moving. She struggled greatly to get around and sit on my scooter. I took the clue from the Holy Spirit and asked her what she was dealing with. She said she need both hips and knees replaced! Wow! I asked her if I could pray with her. I was so happy to have the opportunity to pray. The Holy Spirit really made it easy for me. The woman quickly said yes, that would be great. I asked if I could pray right now and if I could put my hand on her shoulder. She said yes. With as much faith as I could muster I asked the Lord to meet her need for new hips and knees and to reveal himself to her in a new way. I felt so inadequate but at the same time knew that the Lord had heard my desire to pray for someone in need so I put aside my fears and blessed her. She had made some sounds of acknowledgement as I prayed but didn't say anything. As I was removing my hand from her shoulder a Walmart worker came up and asked if I had prayed for the woman. At first I thought, "Uh oh I’m in trouble." But he said, "Good, I want to add my blessing to your prayer also and her stretched his hand toward her and spoke that over her. It was a wonderful moment. The woman commented on how much she appreciated the care and happily got on her scooter. I walked about rejoicing in my heart believing that the Lord had more he had planned for her and that he would cause her to cross paths with some other believers who would also pray with her. The Lord was on a mission and I got to participate. Yay!

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