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Help in a Time of Need

Dianne Sothoron, August 14, 2020

It was a hot day I just HAD to have McDonald's ice cream sundae. As I approached the McDonald's I saw a man sitting on the side of the road with a sign that read Vet Need help. My heart was touched. I usually just ask the Lord to send someone who really could help but i felt I was to give this guy some money and to not judge or try to second guess what he might use it for and to just let it go and give to him with a full heart of blessing. As I waited in line for my order I grew more and more confident that it was the Lord who was prompting me to help this man. After getting my order I pulled over to the side of the road where he was sitting under a shade tree and he got up and came to the car. My heart was overflowing with joy. I usually feel uncomfortable and second guess myself or worry that the person may be dangerous. But not this time. I was happy! I asked him how he found himself in this situation and he opened up quickly and shared that he had been through a bad divorce last year. I asked him what branch of the service he was in and he said he had been in the Army and had been a medic in the Middle East war, with tours of duty. He said he found it very gratifying to help others and chose when he got out of the army to go to seminary school and become a pastor and that he had pastored for 10 years. Wow! I began to say a few scriptures to him such as the Lord has a purpose and plan for you to do you good and not evil. He nodded his head, then I began to pray and I noticed that as I spoke other scriptures he nodded his head at those too. It was very gratifying to have the opportunity to speak the Word over this man and to bless him on the Lord's behalf. I was so grateful to the Lord that he had allowed me two separate opportunities on the same day to be busy about his business and to bring hope and blessing to two people.

It's a grand feeling of joy and I look forward to the next time the Lord brings me before those He desires to comfort. I also look forward to the time that those who need physical healing are instantly healed!


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