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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Dianne Sothoron had gone to the clinic to have lab work done. I noticed the nurse/tech seemed grouchy so I hunkered down to be kind and not respond in like manner. As I sat there I thought how can I help her have a better day so I began to make light conversation. She was working hard to be pleasant so I pressed on. Finally I asked her if I could pray for her and told her I was a Christian. I wanted her to know where I was coming from. She said, "yes, I need someone to pray for me." Her tone was desperate. I was so thrilled that I had persevered in being kind. The Lord gave me a number of thoughts to pray and I could hear the woman let out gasps as I prayed. I prayed for relief from pressure, for hope to be restored, for bills to be paid and for rest, etc. I declared "turnaround" and the woman literally jerked. Yay, God! I left refreshed and blessed. I was so grateful that my prayer seemed to bring relief to the woman.

A couple of days passed and I was on the phone with the MD State Taxation and Assessment office. It was late in the work day and I was grateful that someone actually answered the phone. I usually get a recording or even no answer at all. As the woman and I talked, I could tell she was tired so I tried to let her know how much I appreciated her taking the call and that opened her up to begin sharing about her day, how tired she was and that she still had to go to the store and then cook dinner. Once again, I asked her if I could pray for her and she said yes. When I finished she exclaimed, "Oh! Thank you so much! I'm a Christian too. I also heard again and declared, "turnaround." I even felt the impact of the word as I spoke it.

Once again totally unexpectedly I was on the phone with a casework who works locally for a mission center for the homeless. I had called to check on the veracity of an individual who had asked a friend if work was available. They were willing to paint or even detail the car, etc. As the woman shared about her client I heard the fatigue and almost grief in her voice. I asked if I could pray. She said yes so I did. Once again I declared, "turnaround." When I finished praying she said, "I can't tell you how much I needed to hear this today. Also this feeling came over me. I feel so much better. She also said Amen when I closed and then stated, "I'm a Christian too."

What a joy to unexpectedly be a blessing in someone's life. As you read, please note that each person was in need of prayer. And each time I spoke the word "Turnaround." I believe the Lord was telling me not only was there turnaround for their lives but that we are in a season of TURNAROUND. I want to encourage you to step out with a heart to help and JUST PRAY for those you come in contact with. GOD IS WITH US REACHING OUT!

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