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Dianne Sothoron

Area President

Dianne Sothoron began her journey with Aglow in Huntsville AL in 1980. Shortly after meeting the Lord, Dianne was sharing her experience with a shop owner who suggested she may be interested in a women’s ministry known as Aglow. Since then, Dianne has held positions as Public Relations Secretary, Treasurer, Vice and President at the local level. Currently, Sothoron is the Area President for the Maryland South Area Team Aglow and a part of the AGLOW Mid Atlantic Regional Support Team, coming alongside Nancy McGuirk, Regional US Director.




Besides her involvement with Aglow International, Dianne has also been on ministry trips to Ukraine, Guatemala, France and Austria. She has traveled to Israel. In her community of Southern Maryland, Dianne is active with a home fellowship, prayer team and personal bible study. Dianne covenants time seeking to better know the Lord and encouraging others to do the same. Through teaching and ministering in the prophetic, Dianne has an intense desire to see others find the same freedom and peace of mind that she has found with God; equipping them and then sending them out to do what the Lord has called them to do.


Dianne enjoys sewing for her three children and two grandchildren. And at the age of 66, is now taking the piano lessons she has always dreamed of taking! Dianne resides in Lexington Park, Maryland.


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